These Martial Arts Are Effective For MMA Fighters

Brazilian Jiujitsu is probably the most important martial art. MMA itself is also developing very quickly because Royce Gracie used to win many matches only by relying on locking and strangling techniques. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a "Ground Fighting" based grappling technique that involves the use of joint locks and "chokeholds". Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) promotes the concept that a smaller and weaker person can successfully defend themselves or another person against a bigger, stronger, heavier attacker using the right techniques and leverage. Some of the best popular BJJ practitioners in UFC like Fabricio Werdum, Royce Gracie, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, and so on. Meanwhile, if you are also a fan of Raymond Daniels, we suggest you check out Raymond Daniels record.

Then, wrestling is a very intense grappling sport. The main goal of wrestling is to knock your opponent down and hold him down. This is very important in MMA because if we are good at wrestling, we can easily slam the opponent and of course, we are also not easily slammed. Wrestling is a combat sport that involves a combination of "takedown, throws, holds, tilt, and pin". Wrestling involves a scoring system based on the opponent's control and is one of the oldest fighting sports in history. It is well known that wrestlers have dominated MMA from the very beginning. Fighters with a background in wrestling are known to have inexhaustible energy that can last throughout a fight. The big downside of wrestling is that they are seen as boring MMA fighters. Popular UFC fighters with the best wrestling like Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar, Mark Coleman, and Chris Weidman.

Furthermore, boxing is very important because fast and precise punches can win MMA matches and can also set the tempo of the match. In boxing, some elements are very useful in the world of MMA such as footwork techniques, body movements, and also effectiveness in the stand-up fighting aspect. To become an MMA athlete, you must first learn how to box, because boxing is a fundamental aspect of this sport.

Finally, MUAY THAI is the most complete martial art in terms of “STRIKING”. In Muay Thai you can use hand punches, kicks, knees (knees), and elbows (elbows) just like MMA. This sport then became popular when Thai boxing athletes showcased it at Kickboxing matches around the world. The martial art is known for its achievements which are the hallmark of MMA. Muay Thai fighters who are popular in the UFC include Anderson Silva, Cris Cyborg, Rafael Dos Anjos, and TJ Dillashaw.

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